What Are The Ways To Tackle Cheating In Relationships?


Seven Most Successful Ways To Tackle Cheating Among Dating Couples.

Cheating is unarguably one of the leading deal breakers in different kinds of relationships.

It is simply breaking up the rules, by doing the complete opposite of what was initially agreed between couples who're dating.

As human beings, our brains have evolved to become more complex. Our cognitive capacity has skyrocketed than ever before.

How we handle our social issues such us cheating and infidelity of all kinds, has been an area of concern prescribing the need for a moral code as a guide.

Men and women have been cheating for ages. At least for some, intimacy with a constant partner isn’t enough for them to quench their romantic desires. They resort to a chain of endless partners.

At first, it’s usually all flowers and candles. A house filled with love and good emotions. 

But as time passes by, when the infatuation period expires, sexual disinterest can happen. It can occur in both parties or in either man or woman. The cheating may ensue.

  • It’s easy to press the red button on anyone who cheats. But grasping the truth that cheating is more common than one could’ve imagined, sets a ground zero on the whole cheating habit.
  • Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks about screwing up. Even the 'highly paid' sexual narcissist, thinks of getting things right. It’s why infidelity is such a tricky thing to deal with. 
  • In 2016, Beyoncé a reputable R&B singer, released an album with songs that reignited her experience with her cheating husband, Jay Z.
  • Later on social media, people took it different validating cheating as a normal practice, in the light of it can happen even to people with all that it takes to have a stable relationship. Money, cars, influence, etc. 
  • Some people argued that being cheated on by a wealthy partner can be tolerated. While others saw it as an act of infidelity. 

Hundreds of big marriages have been demolished into ashes by infidelity.

If you can’t get your emotional life up to date, the whole idea of cheating will sound like an apocalypse. In a study conducted by the institute of family studies (IFS). 

They found that, men of a certain age were more likely to cheat as compared to their female counterparts.

In the same study, they found that men who grew up in unstable homes and never got to learn about spiritual life were more likely to cheat compared to their stable home counterpart. 

This implies emotional health plays a great role to keep one on track and abide by their life’s vows.

Given how much information we have access to, it can get a little complicated on what are the best-proven ways one can avoid cheating. 

But I'm to discuss a few of those that have proven successful to many couples out there.

Ways to counteract cheating.

Deeply comprehend the kind of relationship you are in.

A lot of people understand a scarce relationship past the history of their partners. 

Assuming different things about the love of your life can put you in an immediate peril. 

It’s therefore important to know what kind of relationships they indulged in the past. 

If they’re bi or gay, you need to understand in case that’s not your cup of tea. 

Some partners practiced polyamory, and can mistakenly assume by default that is ok with everyone. 

Having a sophisticated discussion before commencing a relationship, will uproot any hidden truths and lies and save you a relationship’s fortune.

Organize how you deal with social media.

In this era of trying to act like we all descended from the same ancestors have the same culture, and ethnicity will do you more harm than good. 

There is a good reason why Facebook placed the ‘people you may know section as a guide to scrutinize who you want to socialize with.

Many people violate this and go past in the search of meeting new people from across the globe. 

Partners who embed their schedule with this social media habit can be a threat. 

With dating apps on the rise, it’s a click away to a cheap tempt. 

It’s wise to re-evaluate your social media engagement and set barriers to avoid abuse of freedom this platform has distilled in us.


Going to bed with a cloud of grudges.

We suffer quarrels or mild to moderate misunderstandings with our partners. Sometimes, this is bearable, but there are those moments this gets to our nerves to a point we can fight. 

Seeking solutions before we go to the bed should be the norm. 

David Benet, a certified counselor, and relationship expert, highlights that people may have a cheating mind, and certain behavior from their partners can encourage that.

Fighting is always the epitome of a revelation. There is a delicate balance of whether a couple can or can’t come out of it. 

Normalize long conversations with your partner to settle any grudges between the two of you.

Exercise being honest.

Cheating goes hand in hand with dishonesty. The reason why people lie can be complex to unpack, but those why one needs to be honest, are intriguing. 

Cheating should be viewed by both parties as a personal threat. Being spiritual has been shown to help encourage one to practice honesty. 

It sets the bar a little higher for cheating. 

Couples need to find incentives that will make them less likely to resort to cheating.


Perform most activities together.

Nothing threatens a couple’s intimacy than a notorious absence behavior. It retards the progress of a relationship and welcomes the urge to cheat.

Doing things together, like cooking, fetching groceries, going to the cinema, Christmas eve, dinner nights, tours, etc. Reinforces a relationship and gives it a fresh look. 

In the long run, sparing couples chances and feelings of cheating. Such activities strengthen the bond between couples.


Be aggressively responsible

Both men and women in a straight relationship have different duties to carry. Sometimes a lag in their accomplishment kills the vibe. 

How a couple defines its rules on the scale of different responsibilities, which should be adhered to. 

People usually, cheat if a partner’s responsibilities fall short of its definition. 

Any hurdles in finances, for instance, should be addressed and appropriate measures are taken.



It’s important to seek professional help when things keep going south. Unsolved matters have a tendency of getting worse and by visiting a therapist, there is usually some hope that things will be better.

In the case where couples can’t afford to book therapist, elders, such as parents in the family can be utilized.


When things get really hard for you. You can try some of the sophisticated means present in the technology world. 

Artificial intelligence companies are working on getting us a robot sex partner. Sex toys and vibrators in the form of a human will be the new way for some people to go.

They’re cheating free guarantee; you can optimize them to your romantic needs. 

The emotional parts are still under constructions by an artificial intelligence company necessary for all that. 

It’s a controversial method that can really work to prevent you from a cheating partner.

Why do men statistically cheat more than women?

A lot has been said and witnessed that condemns men as the ring leaders when it comes to cheating.

The reasons men cheat more than women, however, are less or not limited to;

  •  An evolutionary instinct that subjects males into more sex as compared to females within a certain range of lifespan.
  • Men are inherently subservient to more means of wealth and prosperity compared to their female counterparts. As a result, they are prone to misuse this advantage that society placed on them.
  • Men, unlike women. Spend less time with the kids and family and they're not torn with the stressful life child baring comes with. As a result, they're rewarded with an idol time to likely spend with other partners.

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