Does Semen Facial Make The Face Soft?.

 Reason Semen Facials Are Really Great For Your Skin.


Semen facials have become popular in recent years while still facing criticism. However, they are good for skin .
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Women love their skin. It's actually their favorite organ. They spend a lot of time taking care of how they look and they're willing to pay for any cost to get it done.

With numerous beauty products in the market, facial products take top positions. From scrubs, toners, serum, moisturizers to regular cream. They are willing to pay for anything that gets their face a new glowy look.

People across the globe try different remedies, from natural to artificial to make their faces look soft. The reason being the cornerstone to better self-esteem has for centuries relied on one's flawless complexion.

Women unlike men will kill to prevent rough contours and facial spots.

There is a gazillion of ways that taunt to give you that baby butt's face. Natural remedies are usually encouraged for their fewer side effects as compared to artificial ones. But it's not all that can deliver to their promises. 

It's also important to know that, self-improving but cultivating one's looks, is penicillin to a bunch of other health problems.

One of the most controversial beauty tips in recent years has been the use of semen facials. Semen is a natural substance that comes from the men's reproductive system.

It's widely used for skin treatment in order to make it glow.

But does semen has anything to do with improving facial beauty?

It's like porn. There is a funny part whereby a guy, usually huge and muscular. Decides for whatever reason to come on the woman’s face.

Growing up a least religious lad, on several occasions, I watched porn. I was always curious about it. 

I did understand from the religious point of view, there was no heaven for people like me. That didn’t bother me so much, to leave ‘Egypt’ for that matter.

When I think about natural skin remedies, several things come to my mind. The most favorite is how people use leaves and trees that have no proof from science, or consumers that it works. Semen facials have helped numerous people to get rid of their skin conditions.

As a natural beauty tip, it highly faced with criticism. But people who have personally practiced it, see it with a different lens.

There are three things to learn about semen facial as a beauty tip that will help you gain soft skin. 

  1.  It's worth trying since the nature of semen in a healthy individual has no harmful contents to affect the skin of the face and that of other body parts.                                                                                                                                                                      
  2.  Semen contains spermine, which is an antioxidant capable of penetrating the skin for better action. According to the Norwegian skincare line, they reported that spermine is the only antioxidant capable of penetrating the horny layer of the skin.                                                                                                               
  3. Semen facial is among the best natural facial masks. It can dry and form a better mechanical interlocking between the skin and the dried semen layer. 

That's what guides beauty in using sperm facials. A procedure commonly practiced in western culture. However, critics have plausible objections. Looking fashionable, from the skin to how we dress, and how we even do it, can be controversial. Ahem, who doesn't want soft skin?

Some people even believe that semen possesses special ingredients that can transform one’s skin to glow from the moon. While some think it's porn rather than a natural remedy for softening skins.

Chelsee Lewis a reputable facialist, has been taunting her semen mask. She claims, many people have benefited from using her semen facials kit.

There are thousands of means that are used to treat skins and give them a baby’s butt look. A semen’s smear performed for hours being one of them. If it sounds gross to you, that’s because it is. But not everything that sounds unpleasant, needs to be rejected. 

People undergo painful and scary procedures to appear beautiful and sexy. Semen facials can't be an exception for those who are willing to use them.


It’s true that semen contains proteins and that protein is good for our skin. But Dr. Will Kirby argues that the amount of proteins in semen isn’t going to strike a deal of making one’s skin glowy.

Semen on your face still has a possibility of transmitting STIs, but so far, the beauty tip's benefits, according to users' testimonies, outweigh the risks.

Skin treatment using semen facial is becoming popular in the beauty industry.

The market drive and a growing men’s superego have been widely blamed in this enigma. There are always funny suggestions when it comes to improving one’s complexion. Sperm facials are far from that.

If this beauty tip grows to become a normal practice across different cultures, semen from men that goes wasted can be harvested to help people look beautiful and more fashionable.

The benefits can outweigh the risks. Spermine, a compound found in semen is thought to be a better antioxidant 

This leaves beauty pageants with a choice to make. Testimonials from users of semen products or experts limited scientific opinions.

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger




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