What are the Things to Do When in a Bad Mood?

10 Best Activities to do In order to Relieve Yourself From Bad Mood.

Living a day-to-day life doesn't always come with flowers and good scents. There are days where we enjoy it all, and those when things fall short of good.

It is bad energy that kills our good mood. We begin to suffer from all kinds of troubles that come with it.

I have been turned off several times by how things went at work, and that punched a ticket to my bad mood day.
Having a bad mood is associated with stress.

The correlation that exists between the two, makes it safe to say that stress causes bad moods.

Having a bad mood can be stressful and exhaustive.

What makes someone be in a bad mood?

Humans are a very complex species. Our brains are responsible for how our mood fluctuates in the course of staying awake.

The chemical cocktail responsible for controlling how we feel, reason, perceive and act–does it all.

There are a couple of reasons that may lead to someone's mood getting messed up.

These reasons affect our mood negatively and make us suffer in the aftermath. 

  1. Receiving some bad news. Bad news will likely trigger the loss of good moods. Losing a loved one, getting fired from your job, demotion, break up, failing exams, among others. These can all lead someone into a bad mood.

  2. Faded expectations. At some point in life, we all are driven by expectations. Our desires compose how we feel and stay fortunate about the future. When this doesn't go right, we get in a bad mood and start feeling resentment. 

  3. Long assignments. Work messes our moods in thousands of possible ways. In 2017, the European Foundation for Improvement of Living and Working conditions found that 41 percent of remote employees reported higher levels of stress. Stress caused by working conditions can cause a bad mood.

  4. Failure. Not achieving a planned goal usually ends up in bad moods.

  5. Miscellaneous reasons. You might find yourself in a bad mood and can't either explain what might have happened to cause you to be in that state.

I must admit, being in a bad mood sucks. It drains all the good energy in you and leaves you in a horrible situation. 

Some of the top bad decisions I made in my life, more than half of them were caused by a bad mood. 

Why is being in a bad mood something dangerous?

I have several times consulted colleagues and friends who never showed up to work, just because they were in a bad mood.

We all live around people who experience bad moods daily and have witnessed how it sucks.

It was appalling to me until just recently when I learned about some of the most beneficial things to do, to tackle bad moods.

It needs no hospital visit, extra money. It is just you and the decision to do what I will explain to you in no time.

But before that, it's important to understand what are the consequences of having a bad mood.

As anything bad possesses repercussions, bad moods are not any further from the truth.

What are the consequences of having a bad mood?

You might have not noticed yet how having a bad mood affects your general life. But I will tell you, I have met and worked around people who felt suicidal from having a bad mood.

As I said earlier before, there is a strong correlation between a  bad mood and stress. The two can prey on your wellbeing and cause you some serious problems. 

  1. Bad moods can lead to suicide 

  2. Psychological problems 

  3. Antisocial behavior 

  4. Perpetuates the use of drugs.

  5. Loss of job

It's vital to hijack the problem before it turns out to be unmanageable. 

Here are the ways to utilize it to get out of a bad mood.

  1. Get a relaxing shower.

A cold shower is more relaxing than a warm one. But then, depending on the weather where you come from, do what will keep you relaxing. I usually take a cold bath instead and stay in the bathroom for a  couple of minutes. The moment I am out, my moods are restored.

Taking a relaxing shower has numerous advantages such as it helps cool down your temperature
Relaxing shower

  1. Put a grin on your face 

As hard as it may sound, smiling away at things heals. Remember to smile, it helps with the bad moods. I always get better just from seeing people smile on TV, now ask yourself what that can do to you if you're the one who's smiling.

  1. Call someone you love.

Talking to someone you love will help you get out of a bad mood. According to science, being in contact with the people we love makes our body release some stress-releasing hormones. That way your bad moods fade away.

calling someone you love helps your brain to release special chemical transmitters that makes you happy

  1. Listen to music.

A study found that listening to music affected the body's stress response in that it lowered the stress level prior and post to other forms of music. Music is an important remedy during stressful situations. Bad moods can benefit a lot from a nice and sweet playlist from your smartphone or any other source of music available for you to listen to. I listen to music each and every day, and I can tell it helps soothe my feelings and keeps me away from stress attacks and bad moods.

Listening to music helps the brain to relax and release happy hormones

  1. Dance a little bit.

Hey, don't even say that you can't dance. Everyone with a body can dance, unless due to some medical conditions that restrict your body movements. It's simply making your body move in rhythm. Dancing helps get rid of stress hormones while restoring good moods.

Dancing too helps to put you in a right mood. It makes the brain release happy hormones

  1. Listen to some brainwave podcast.

A word from a wise person speaking to you about being positive rewards even better. It's good to listen to some positive things that way chase off your bad moods.

  1. Breath deep.

I never start my basketball exercises without taking a long deep breath. It clears my lungs, freshens up my systems, and most importantly, earns power to my brain. A rebooted system is hard to challenge. Bad moods have never walked in my basketball court.  Taking a deep breath will kill your bad moods. 

  1. Drink some lemon water.

Science believes that stress is usually accompanied by low levels of potassium in the blood. Drinking lemon juice or just water mixed with lemon will relieve your stress that way, helping you get rid of the bad mood. 

Lemon juice helps to restore depleted potassium levels in the blood and restores proper functioning of the body
Lemon water

  1. Get some fresh air and light.

During my days at school when we had exams, I would stress so much, and I guess this is usual with most students. The best thing I would do to restore my moods was to sit down in an open area where there is enough sunshine and try and meditate. It always helped, I guess I couldn't do without the fresh air and sunshine in my eyes. It really helped with my bad moods and cooled my anxiety. 

  1. Repeat several mood-boosting affirmations. 

Before beginning a basketball game, we usually circle around and say some mood-boosting phrases. Usually something like; " Let's go team", " Take them down", "Time to win" etc.

They are positive words that help to restore strength and passion within us. Such phrases can be used in our daily life whenever we are in a bad mood.

Tell yourself " Yes I can", " I'm going to go through all these", "I was born a winner". No amount of bad mood can survive in such a positive energy environment.

Having a bad mood can be a trap. The hurdle it lays down for you not to progress with ease can be damaging.

It helps boost up your self-esteem too.

It's always important to identify what causes you to have bad moods, that way you can suggest a better way of tackling the situation. 


Whenever you are in a bad mood, take a relaxing shower.

Talk to your loved ones.

Dance to some music.

Listen to some good music

Take a long deep breath. 

Drink some lemon water.


Get some fresh air.

Repeat some mood-boosting affirmations. 

Listen to brainwave podcasts.

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